Pralay The Destroyer (Saakshyam) Hindi Dubbed Movie Download khatrimaza

 Pralay The Destroyer (Saakshyam) Hindi Dubbed Movie Download khatrimaza

Pralay The Destroyer (Saakshyam) Hindi Dubbed Movie Download khatrimaza

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Special update!  Belamkonda Srinivas and Pooja Hegde Starr New released Telugu-language film 'saakshyam' Hindi dubbing is almost complete and the Hindi dubbed version is known as "Pralay the Destroyer" Hindi Dubbed Full Movie is going to be released in theaters soon.

Pralay The Destroyer Hindi Dubbed Movie
Belmkonda Srinivas | Latest Update (2019): -
One of the film's biggest assets are action sequences that are designed on a terrifying note and elevate the proceedings to another level.  The public would like these quarrels as Belamkonda is depicted with great valor.
The Hindi version of Telugu language film Dub of '2018', in the Hindi version
 'Saakshyam', Belamonda Srinivas, Puja Hegde, Sarath Kumar and Jagatpati Babu are in the lead role, it is one of the much anticipated Hindi Dubbed films. The film produced hips in the Hindi audience when the Hindi dub official teaser of the movie became viral on YouTube.

pralay the destroyer south movie hindi dubbed download 720p:

Starring : Bellamkonda Sreenivas, Pooja Hegde, Jagapathi Babu
Director : Sriwass
Producers : Abhishek Nama

Hindi dubbed version of the "saakshyam" was titled 'Pralay The Destroyer' and the Hindi dub version was created by a new business company - Astral Movie Network. The company has acquired the Hindi dubbing rights of Tamil and Telugu films, such as Saakshyam, Kadai Kutti Singam, Odiyan, Kali and many more. But he has not yet released any single movie.

Hindi version Pralay The Destroyer latest update: -

Pralay The Destroyer official trailer and teaser, Pralay The Destroyer, which was uploaded by the Astral Movie Network on its YouTube channel, was dubbed in Rudra Sound Solutions, but Pralay The Destroyer had only shown the trailer and teaser, not the whole film, Belamkonda's The voice Srinivas was made by the Sachin Gole Sir.

But now in Sound & Vision India (a week ago), Hindi dubbing of the whole film has started, and now the dubbing artist Rajesh Kawa is voice over for Sir, Belmakonda Srinivas. Whenever the Hindi dubbing of this film will be completed and the Hindi version will be certified by the censor Board, the film will be the first premiere of Zee Cinema and the Movie Astral Movie Network will be released on the YouTube channel. Any updates that will be found next, we will update on this page, so please keep watching this page.

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साक्षम एक तेलुगु फंतासी एक्शन थ्रिलर फिल्म है, अभिषेक पिक्चर बैनर पर अभिषेक नाम द्वारा निर्मित और श्रीवास द्वारा निर्देशित है।
इस फिल्म के लीड रोल मे बेलमकोंड श्रीनिवास , पूजा हेगडे और  जगतपती बाबू है।

यह फिल्म गुंडोंके एक समूह के साथ शुरू होती है,जो गाय को चुराने की कोशीस करते है, राजुगारु गाय को चुराने से गुंडोको रोकता है। लेकिन जगतपती बाबू के भाइयों के अपमान की खबर मुनुस्वामी तक पहुंचती है और वह और उसके 3 भाई राजूगारू के घर जाते है जहां परिवार अपने बेटे के नामकरण समारोह के लिए इकट्ठा हुआ है।
वे राजूगारू की पत्नी (मीना) को घायल करके, परिवार के हर सदस्य को क्रूरता से मार देते हैं।राजूगारु भाइयों को विचलित करने का प्रबंधन करता है, जबकि उनकी पत्नी बच्चे के साथ भागती है, लेकिन कमजोर हो जाती है और उसकी गहरी चोट के कारण भाग ने में असमर्थ होती है। बस तब बछड़ा (जिसकी मां राजुगारू द्वारा बचाई गई थी) उसके सामने आती है और खड़ी होती है।राजुगारु की पत्नी बच्चे को एक शाल में लपेटती है और उसे बछड़े पर बांधती है।बछडा बच्चे को मिटी वाले  ट्रक मे फेक देता है। आगे की कहाणी जानने के लिये फिल्म देखो।

इस फिल्म का हिंदी मे नाम राखा हे "Pralay The Destroyer"

Vishwa (Belamkonda Srinivas) is an affluent NRI who experiences passionate feelings for Soundarya Lahari (Pooja Hegde). He pursues her to India and engages in issues identified with his family. Without his insight, he experiences huge issues with Munu Swami (Jagapathi Babu) and his siblings and starts slaughtering them in a steady progression. Be that as it may, behind this, there is a grave past which the world does not know. What is that story How is Viswa associated with it? Furthermore, how this is heard is the full story of the film.

Belamkonda Srinivas has done a good job in his role and performed all the action scenes very easily.  He has made a lot of improvement in the film in terms of acting.  Pooja Hegde looks gorgeous and plays her supporting role well.


On the whole, Saksham is a regular action entertaining film with an interesting theme as long as the spectacular fights and massive elements take center stage, things look good.  But then, both the boring songs, the dull love tracks and the unnecessary scenes drag them down into the hills.  Large audiences will definitely love the film as it is packed with good episodes that will entertain them.